Top Three Lottery Games in the Entire World You Must Know About

If you think that the lotteries are a new kind of business adopted in the 21st Century, then let me correct you that it is totally incorrect. The lottery games have been around for over 4 centuries and the number is still counting. For a really long time, the lottery games had been confined to certain areas and communities finding lottery games to be an unmissable opportunity. However, the end of the 20th century has seen the lottery business grow tremendously. As the internet was introduced commercially and people started connecting with the entire world, they started realizing the importance of lottery games.

So far, millions and millions of people have become rich playing the lottery games. At present, lottery games are being played globally. However, the American and the European regions are offering the top and the largest lottery games in the history of lottery games. Prior to the launch of internet, these games were only limited to their respective regions. However, the internet has made them playable from any place around world. Even if it is a lesser known game such as UK 49 from UK or a wish to play US Powerball online in South Africa, you can easily make the dream come true.

If you ae also not from these regions and want to try your luck playing the largest games in the world, then let me tell you about the three largest lottery games in the world.

Mega Millions (US)

In the list of top three lottery games, the first spot goes to Mega Millions, which takes the lead as the largest lottery game in the world. The minimum price for the Mega Millions ticket is $2 and the draws for the game take place on Tuesdays and Fridays. The game offers a total of 9 tiers where the 1st tier offers the jackpot prize. At present, Mega Millions is being played in majority of the states of the United States of America.

Even if you are not in the United States, you can play the game through an online lottery agent. The top three prizes offered by the Mega Millions include a $1.53 billion prize won back in October of 2018. Then it was $1.00 billion prize won in January of 2021. The third one was from back in March of 2012, which was for $656 million.

US Powerball (US)

The second game in the list is the US Powerball Lottery game. Although the game has paid the highest jackpot prizes than Mega Millions, the overall sales figures have given Mega Millions a lead over the US Powerball game. Similar to the Mega Millions ticket, the minimum ticket price at the US Powerball costs $2. Prior to August of 2021, the US Powerball draws were played back on Wednesdays and Saturdays. However, from August 23, 2021, the US Powerball introduced the Monday draw as well. The US Powerball Lottery also offers a total of 9 tiers and the first tier represents the jackpot prize.

Similar to Mega Millions, the online lottery agents can help you play the US Powerball, even outside of the United States. In the list of top three jackpots won in the history of US Powerball include a $1.586 billion prize from January 2016. Then the second prize was worth $768.4 million that was won back in March 2019, and a $758.7 million prize in August of 2017.

EuroMillions (EUR)

The EuroMillions is the largest lottery game offered in the European region. Although it is not as big as its competitors from the United States, but it is also famous for offering huge jackpot prizes. The game is played in all major countries in Europe as well as outside of Europe through a lottery gaming agent. The minimum ticket cost for the EuroMillions ticket is €2.50. The draws for the EuroMillions game take place on Tuesdays and Fridays. EuroMillions currently offers a total of 13 tiers while the first tier is the jackpot prize.

In the list of top three jackpot prize given out by the EuroMillions, the first prize was given out back in February of 2021, which was worth €210 million. The second top prize was won back in December of 2020, which was worth €200 million. The third-top was worth €190 million, and won back in October of 2017.

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