The Best Movies Set On Islands

No matter what the genre is, there’s something quite charming about a movie which takes place on an island. From the white sandy beaches to the crashing waves, there’s something very inviting about an island setting, particularly if you live nowhere near the coast.

The thing about island settings is that they’re quite versatile. Islands can be the backdrop for a romantic meet-cute, a glitzy vacation, or even suspense and tragedy. Islands have been a go-to setting for several movies and TV shows over the years. From the hit show Lost to the massively popular Mamma Mia! and HBO’s new island-centric show, The White Lotus, the island setting is a hit.

Here are our favourites.

Jurassic Park

A practical paleontologist touring an nearkt complete theme park on an island in Central America has to protecttwo kids after a power failure results in the park’s cloned dinosaurs to run amok.

Cast Away

Cast Away is the typical deserted island movie. Tom Hanks magnificently carries the movie by himself. He even went so far damaging his body for the film role. The movie is considered to be one of Hanks’ bestfoles, it was critically acclaimed and voted for a number of awards. It follows the journey of character of Chuck and his isolation after a plane crash in the South Pacific.

Not only does Chuck go a little bit mad on his four-year journey on the desolate island but he even builds himself a new friend. The most treasured character in the movie is Wilson, which is the volleyball that Chuck turns into a companion, together with a bloody red handprint. In fact, the most heartbreakingaspect of the film isn’t watching Chuck’s unending struggle, it’s when he loses poor Wilson to the waves in his final getaway.

50 First Dates

This romantic comedy starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore was set in the Hawaiian Islands – primarily at Sea Life Park between Koolau Range and Makapuu Beach. It was great fun to watch and like an online casino signup bonus it had a feel-good factor that was hard to beat.

A Perfect Getaway

A Perfect Getaway is about a couple of couples vacationing in Hawaii when murders all of a sudden start taking place on the island, making the couples to think someone in the group could be a killer.

This thriller premiered in 2009 and received mostly positive reviews. It’s a standard “whodunnit” mixed with slasher movie energy, and while it can be a little corny and predictable, it’s still a fun watch. It has scenes of true suspense, bits of humour and was filmed in gorgeous Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

The Blue Lagoon

In the Victorian period, two kids are shipwrecked on a tropical island situated in the South Pacific. With no adults thereto guide them, the two make a very simple life together, not aware that sexual maturity will eventually intervene.

The Beach

The want to find something real – to connect with something or someone – is what motivates Richard (Leonardo DiCaprio), who is a young American backpacker who flies into Thailand with adventure on his mind.

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