The Ability of a Person Never to Miss a Golf Tee

The ability of someone hardly ever comes within side the play. You may say something like that a golfer is rarely a finicky person and never touches the ball when he has it in his hands. Then you may add that there are times that a player has to take a divot at a certain angle to hit a wedge or putt. The ability of someone hardly ever comes within side the play.

That is not to say that all players are the same. There are certain factors that can make a difference in one’s ability. These factors include how much practice the person is willing to give to the game. The mental game is very big in golf. As the sport is mentally tough, so too is the short game.

A person who is nervous about the flight of the ball or about a certain factor such as wind or sand could leave the shot short. The fear factor is what can cost a player a stroke. It is difficult enough for most golfers to actually miss a ball but when a fear eliminates a possible target it makes the shot very difficult.

The ability of a person to read the game is also important. A person should know what is going on around him before making a shot. If this knowledge is not available then the person could end up missing the ball. This also leads to missing a good shot that would have won the game for a player.

Another factor is physical strength. Golf is a game where a player has to bend over and swing wildly with very little movement. The body needs to be strong enough to withstand this type of strain. A player needs to be agile in movement as well. The more agility he or she has, the less likely it is for a player to miss a tee shot.

The ability of a person to concentrate on the game is crucial as well. The constant moving from one spot to another could cause the brain to become distracted. Concentrating on a golf ball, could also cause the mind to become slightly distracted. Even though it is a game of concentration, many players do not pay attention to where they are actually aiming the ball. This causes them to miss the ball and that is the most likely reason why many players end up making poor shots.

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